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Tabitha Development Society (TDS) a non governmental organization registered under the societies act in the year October 2004. Tabitha Development Society TDS is engaged in rural development with a mandate to educate, inspire, equip and facilitate people living in poverty, homelessness, child labor, exploitation and epidemics in partnership with organizations and individuals in the social sector.
TDS has a history of promoting voluntary action, planned rural reconstruction with local participation and Panchayati Raj thereby addressing issues of poverty reduction. Excellent micro-planning and strong networkings are its strengths. The primary populations are DALITS and TRIBALS who live among degraded hills where there is widespread poverty, unemployment, bare access to minimum needs, social oppression, injustice, corruption, exploitation and the overarching threat of Naxalite violence.


Founders Message

We at Tabitha always believed in the principle of ‘What we gave back to society rather than what the society gave to us’

The idea of starting an Old age home started when I saw a 90 years old woman in a village called Kallakuru, there was no one to look after her, at first I thought to take her to my home and look after her then it stuck me that if I did that I can only look after her but by establishing an organization I can look after many old and orphan people.

Starting with one member TDS is now looking after 40 beneficiaries. From the year 2013 we have started nursing services. Services are provided to bed ridden people. From the year 2016 we started to provide life time services. My long-term goal is to start an orphanage under the name of MANA Foundation.

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